Our mobile Storage Containers are ideal for storing and securing supplies, tools, and equipment on job sites.

Having a storage container on-site offers many benefits, from protecting materials to housing an office.

Liberty Storage Containers offer the convenience of an extra one-car garage for temporary storage. Our units measure 8’W X 10’H X 20’L and are available on a monthly rental basis with discounts for three consecutive months.   Please call for current rates at 517-787-1177


  • Dimensions 8’W X 10’H X 20’L
  • Monthly Rentals
  • Full vertically corrugated steel sides and end walls
  • Corrugated double-hinged doors and forklift pockets are provided
  • Equipped with rubber gaskets around the cargo doors to prevent leaks
  • Ideal for contractors, event managers, home buyers, and re-modelers

Because a company or person’s need for storage containers is often short-term, it’s common for them to be rented out. Business owners sometimes need a temporary place to store office equipment. Retail store owners might need to store excess merchandise or seasonal items. Contractors might need secure storage or a functional space on job sites. Homeowners even rent these containers to store their belongings when staging their homes to sell or when renovating or decluttering.


Locking your storage container rental is crucial in keeping your materials safe from theft.

Companies, particularly those in construction, rely on locking storage containers to secure their equipment and supplies. Equipment theft costs the construction industry a billion dollars every year, according to the National Crime Information Bureau. The Bureau estimates that only 20 percent of these stolen items are recovered.

If a thief steals your company or client’s equipment and tools, you must scramble to get replacement tools, work might be delayed while making arrangements, and your clients might get angry and impatient. Financial losses due to theft or vandalism could have significant adverse effects on both your company and your client.

Hazardous Materials Storage

Securing your storage containers is extremely important if you’ll be storing hazardous materials on a job site. It’s the contractor’s responsibility to keep these materials out of public reach, and that responsibility includes protecting the items from theft. This protection also reduces your potential of being held liable for damages from hazardous material.

If employees must transport containers of hazardous materials to and from a portable storage container, they will need to undergo special training. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires training for any worker who might be exposed to hazardous materials. These training courses help make workers aware of potential dangers and how to prevent and handle them.

Keep All Chemicals Locked Away

As the contractor, you’ll need to be familiar with OSHA requirements for the safe storage of hazardous chemicals. Keeping even low-level chemicals locked away when not in use is good practice on any construction job site. All workers on the site should be trained to recognize hazardous materials. They should also be prepared to respond to a spill situation in a way that protects people and the environment.

In addition to securing hazardous materials, a storage container can provide excellent housing for fireproof boxes and cabinets. This will keep these items safe from adverse weather conditions and provide an extra level of protection from the elements as well as from thieves.

Other Uses for Storage Containers

Many storage container uses don’t even involve storage. They can also serve as:

Break areas. On a job site, you and your workers are unlikely to have access to indoor space that allows you to cool off, dry off, or get away from hot or cold temperatures while taking a coffee break or eating lunch. Because you can cool or heat containers for comfort, they can provide workers with a pleasant environment in which to take breaks. This can help them relax and recharge so they can get back to work with renewed energy. Having a place in which to store their lunches also avoids dealing with soggy sandwiches and perishable ingredients in warm weather and frozen lunches in the winter.

Office areas. During lengthy projects, the contractor will be on the job site more than in the home office. A shipping container can fulfill the role of a mobile office with everything needed to conduct day-to-day business and oversee the current job. Supervisors on the job site can do paperwork and still be available to workers. A lockable storage container ensures the mobile office is secure and private and that office materials are dry and protected from the elements. Sure, you can cart a plastic tote around with what you need from the home office and make cell phone calls from the relative quiet of your vehicle, but your records will be safer in your portable office.

Dry work areas. Some tasks must be completed out of the rain, and some materials kept dry. Paint and building materials should not be exposed to moisture, for example. If weather or other factors cause work delays, it’s good to know that your materials are safe and dry in a storage container.

First-aid centers. You certainly don’t want anyone to get injured on the job site, but mishaps can happen. There are inherent dangers to workers in the construction industry, but because of exemplary industry-wide safety protocols, most injuries are minor. A first-aid center offers a place for workers to rest a sprained ankle or wrist or wash and bandage a cut. For a worker who comes down with an illness or is overheated, a first-aid center is a place of rest. Here, the worker can have a cold or hot drink and relax.


Storage Container Benefits

Containers keep tools and materials that are not currently in use safely out of the way.

Organization. Keeping tools, equipment, and materials in your storage container makes organization easier. Just like at your headquarters, you can designate a place for everything. If you keep an itemized inventory and store items in a storage container, you can easily see when it’s time to order new materials.

Saving time and money. If you have all the tools, materials, and paperwork you’ll need in a secured storage container; you won’t have to run back and forth to get materials for different jobs on a site. And you won’t have to worry about delegating the responsibility to employees who might end up spending too much time on the road or taking long lunches when they’re out picking things up. Everyone’s time is best served being on the site rather than driving to get a piece of equipment or grab documents from the home office.

Safety for workers. A storage container can provide a dry, mud-free space in which to warm workers in cold weather or cool them in hot weather. In cold temperatures, workers must wear outerwear that constrains movement. Also, cold temperatures compromise workers’ limb flexibility, so the opportunity to warm up is important. In hot temperatures, workers might become overheated and dehydrated without access to relief from the heat. While workers often work through excess heat or cold, they shouldn’t have to. It’s not healthy for them and not beneficial to the company or the project. Make sure, however, that the container’s floors remain clear. An organized container reduces slip, trip, and fall hazards. Don’t leave tools, materials, or cords lying around.

Happy workers. Break rooms are vital to employee morale. They give workers a comfortable space in which to take needed breaks, and they provide room for camaraderie among co-workers. Today’s younger workers are value-oriented. They will stay in jobs where they felt respected and cared about and where they’re being given opportunities to grow. Many companies have culture committees and similar employee organizations to make a job more than just the work done. Providing a break room within a storage container is an appreciated and memorable gesture.

Quality care of equipment and tools. In a shop, workers put away their tools after use and keep them out of the elements. If you stored all your tools and equipment on site and locked away in moisture-proof storage containers when not being used, they will be as good as new when the job is over. Furthermore, the grounds of the site will be cleaner and neater if everything is put away when workers go home.

As you can see, there are many reasons an on-site storage container can benefit everyone involved. The simplest reason is to contain and protect everything you and your workers need to complete a job.