Brush and wood debris is typically disposed of in a landfill, thus causing waste and environmental concerns. Grinding that debris is a great way to recycle and reduce excess waste. Liberty will travel to your site and process your wood waste by grinding and sizing it so that it can be re-used appropriately.

We have the ability to process large quantities of waste wood with our mobile tub grinding service. Liberty’s extra-large capacity tub grinder is ideal for brush, pallets, and wood demolition debris. Our magnetic separation tool removes screws, nails, and hinges resulting in clean wood chips for mulch and landscaping.

What we Can Grind

  • Brush
  • Christmas trees
  • Homeowner yard waste
  • Leaves
  • Pallets
  • Trees, tree stumps, and limbs up to 45 inches diameter and unlimited length


Liberty’s mobile unit can process up to 70 tons an hour and is available eight hours daily, Monday through Friday.