Waste that cannot be recycled or put into the landfill, must use our Transfer Station. Liberty will sort and transfer material to a licensed facility for disposal.

Materials currently accepted for transfer

  • Household waste
  • Used oil

How the Liberty Transfer Station Works

All vehicles are directed to a scale house when they arrive at the transfer station.

Depending on the material, vehicles will unload either directly into another vehicle, onto the floor inside the building or into an open pit. When it’s not transferred directly onto a new vehicle, equipment like cranes and bulldozers move trash around the facility.

Sorting and Processing
Waste will be sorted and screened to collect any recyclable items and remove them from the waste stream. Workers will also do a screen for any hazardous waste or unauthorized items to dispose of separately.

Compacting and Reloading
After the waste has been sorted and processed, waste is then loaded onto a larger transportation vehicle and sent on to its next destination.